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Google has published an article about shopping related keywords. The article relates that a growing trend with mobile consumers is in the use of three new kinds of shopping keywords.

Consumers who would like to own expensive products or brands are instead shopping for products that are similar. These kinds of similar product keywords open up new directions for capturing traffic that your competitors might not be onto yet. This keyword research data is useful for SEO, affiliate marketing and PPC.

A Twist on Comparison Shopping

Comparison shopping traditionally refers to comparing products to obtain the best value or by features. This version of comparison shopping is about finding an inexpensive version of a more expensive product.

“Looks Like” and “Similar To” Search Queries

As Google explains it:

Mobile searches for “that looks like” grew by over 60% in the past two years.For example, “inexpensive tile that looks like wood,” “honda that looks like ferrari,” “furniture that looks like pottery barn,”..Mobile searches for “similar to” have grown by 60% in the past two years. For example, “shirts similar to untuckit,” “coolers similar to yeti,”…

60% growth in “similar to” search queries via mobile devices.

“Under Dollar Amount” Search Queries

Mobile search queries for products with the word “under” followed by a dollar amount have risen by 175% over the last two years. This may reflect consumers acceptance of shopping on mobile devices. But more importantly, this means it may be useful to consider adding phrases with the word “under” followed by a “dollar price” to your web page. This kind of information can also be added to your structured data for products.

Google offers these examples of typical search queries:

“cheap window air conditioners under $100,”“cheap luggage sets under $50,”“hotels near me under $100,”“cars under $3000,”

Alternative Brand/Store Queries

Google highlights a third kind of search query that’s trending upwards, queries for “ brands like ” and “ stores like .” According to Google, these kinds of mobile search queries have grown by over 60% over the past two years.

This represents an opportunity for growing your traffic by attracting shopping traffic that is searching for alternatives to certain brands or stores. This is something that can be integrated into your structured data. Structured data is increasingly important for mobile search results, whether it’s voice assisted or typed.

Read the entire Think with Google research publication here .

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