Clear All button will return to multitasking menu in future dev preview

  • 时间: 2018-05-12 12:21:16

Google will reinstate the “Clear All” apps button that went missing in its latest Android P developer preview . The company revealed the news while answering press questions towards the end ofGoogle I/O 2018 (via Gadgets360 ), and it was confirmed again by Google’s David Burke yesterday .

The Clear All button was introduced to the multitasking (or recent apps) menu withAndroid Nougat and it removes all the items in the list. While this process doesn’t “speed up your phone” or make it run smoother, it is a quick way to keep that menu uncluttered — something that appeals to multitaskers who often spend time there.

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With the introduction of a newside-scrolling apps list in the latestAndroid P beta, the team at Google thought it would be okay to drop the Clear All button. At the press event, a Google engineer also reiterated that there’s no need to clear apps from the list from a memory management perspective.

The move wasn’t particularly well received, however, namely because of the multitasking benefit previously mentioned.

Google has swiftly acknowledged this, with one of its engineers stating, “We’re sorry. We’re looking at bringing [the Clear All button] back.” It was later confirmed that it will be present again in the next developer preview, DP3, which is set to arrive in June.

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