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Articles & Tutorials

All the things we’re doing wrong but take for granted


Gabor Varadi tales an introspective glance at various gotchas with day to day Android development and proposes one (of possibly many) solutions.

A Powerful Little Tool for Elevation Animation


Juhani Lehtimäki writes about how to use StateListAnimator to make your Material Design styled app just a little bit more delightful.

Debugging Common Actions on Google Errors


In this post, Leon Nicholls covers some of the most common Actions on Google errors, as well as provide strategies on how to make you a more efficient developer and make your Actions more robust.


Find Your Next Android Job With Hired


Hired is a career marketplace that intelligently matches tech talent with the world’s most innovative companies. We combine cutting-edge technology with unbiased career coaching so both talent and employers can find the right fit, faster. We are on a mission to find everyone a job they love.

The (re)making of a Download Manager


Android allows developers to add download functionality to their apps, but if you want to extend that behavior, or customize it to your liking — that’s not easy. That’s why a team at Novoda created an improved version of the Download Manager.

Typical Kotlin


Márton Braun invites you on a tour of Kotlin’s type system, exploring how some of the language constructs we take for granted in our everyday use.

Test-Driven Development Tutorial for Android


Victoria Gonda teaches the basics of test-driven development, or TDD, and helps you discover how to use TDD effectively when developing your Android apps!

Notifying your users with FCM


This blog post explains when and how to generate remote notifications to provide timely updates to users and minimize battery drain.

Kotlin Multiplatform for Android and iOS


In this article, Adrian Bukros guides you through the labyrinth of Kotlin Multiplatform and shows you how to create a simple example app to test out the capabilities of the technology.

General Availability of Google Sign-In for the Assistant


In this blog post, Silvano Luciani talks about the different account linking options that Actions on Google now offers and cover some considerations you should keep in mind for each of them.

Wow! Declaring classes in Kotlin


Lara Martín shares a great tip about how concise Kotlin constructors can really be!

Drop-in Android Video — Exoplayer2 with Picture in Picture


In this article you'll learn how to run picture in picture video content with Exoplayer2.

ML for Android Developers – Part 3


In the final part Mark Allison completes his digit recognition app by hooking up the MLKit model.



Story Behind The Fabulous App


Taylor Ling writes about all the design challenges that went into writing an app that encourages its users to learn, create good habits and improve themselves.


Android Developer

(Remote - US ONLY)

We're looking for someone with deep knowledge of the Android framework and an equally strong intuition for pairing beautiful app experiences with beautiful code. You'll be the architect of major features, making your code available to the world.

Senior Android Developer (m/f)


Hi there, Stocard is looking for whole hearted Android developer. Join our team and help us build Europe's leading mobile wallet with over 25 million users! Stocard has been listed as one of the best apps of the year by Apple and is one of the few Android Excellence apps selected by the Google team.

Senior Android / FireTV Developer


Bored of developing yet another REST app? Join our great team as an Android / FireTV developer on the Waipu project based on the latest tech stack and help us build the greatest next-generation-IPTV platform.

Libraries & Code



Easily define a set of parameters that can be accessed and changed by the developers via built-in compact UI at runtime



Download manager based on AOSP DM but allowing downloading to internal private storage



Kotlin Multiplaform example app for iOS and Android


AndroidX release 1.0.0


The stable release of AndroidX 1.0.0 is now suitable for use in production.

Videos & Podcasts

Android Dialogs: Designing as a Developer


Huyen sits down to chat with Walmyr Carvalho, GDE and developer at 99, to talk about designing as a developer.

You can’t learn everything


With the Android ecosystem growing in leaps and bounds, it can make it seem very daunting for developers, both new and old, to try and keep up with it all. Donn gives his 2 cents on this subject.

Android Developers Backstage: Filament


In this episode, Chet and Tor talk with Romain about Filament, a real-time physically based rendering engine for Android (and Windows, Linux and macOS.)