Apple started and filmed a controlled fire to create cool effects for the new Apple Watch (...

  • 时间: 2018-09-24 05:43:39

One of my favorite features on the Apple Watch Series 4, which went on sale on Friday, is a series of new watch faces.

The new fire, water, and vapor faces depict swirling colors behind an analog clock. They're subtle, minimalist, and very cool.

It turns out, these new watch faces aren't computer generated imagery — Apple actually filmed real fire, water, and vapor at 200 frames-per-second using a high-resolution, high-speed camera.

That footage is what's playing on the Apple Watch when you choose the face.

It's all been revealed in a new video. Check it out:

While it would have been easy for Apple to assign one of its armies of super-talented designers to create one of these watch faces on a computer, it clearly went the extra mile for these new watch faces — which is the exact kind of care and attention to detail that Apple will need to keep growing in the market for luxury watches.

The Apple Watch fire watch face.