React Native App Templates and UI Kits to Save You Time

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React Native has caught fire as one of the most prominent JavaScript libraries for making stunning mobile apps, especially those with expanded interaction capabilities.

If you’re a cross-platform mobile developer though, it can be tough to keep up with all the different frameworks, but that’s where UI templates and themes come in! Let’s take a look at how these pre-made kits can give you a huge edge on your mobile React Native projects, helping to create a better project and saving your sanity at the same time.

Why Use a React Native App Template?

Building a mobile app from scratch can be a daunting task, even with the help of frameworks like React Native.

There can easily be dozens of screens, navigation elements, interactive elements, and micro interactions. With a template to start from though, you can focus more heavily on adapting existing actions to fit your purposes and refining your user experience, rather than wasting large amounts of time creating the same standard interactions over and over again.

For experienced developers, using a UI template can get you from zero to minimum viable product more easily and quickly than with starting from an empty repository. This means that you can spend less time on the boring parts, ensure a standard of quality throughout your whole project, start with a clean code base, and get a higher return on your invested effort.

Also, if you’re new to making mobile interfaces with React Native, a template can help you to learn the lay of the land. They often contain code and UI elements for types of screens that aren’t immediately apparently necessary, and for elements that you might miss.

Can Anyone Use These App Templates?

While the kits we talk about here do significantly reduce the amount of resources and expertise it takes to make an app, they aren’t quite at the same level as drag-and-drop builders when it comes to ease of use.

For the templates that integrate with WordPress sites, getting an app up and running is significantly easier, especially if you already have a website finished. In these cases, only a minor amount of coding knowledge is needed, just enough to stitch together the pieces.

Other templates focus more on the front-end of an app though, and often need some form of back-end or content management system to be integrated with them to fully function. In these cases, some programming knowledge may be necessary to complete your project.

Compared to creating an app from scratch though, the relative difficulty is much lower, as is the amount of time and resources needed to make a finished product.

Let’s take a look at some of the best templates and UI kits that are available.

Antiqueruby UI/UX Elements

One of the best selling mobile templates on CodeCanyon, Antiqueruby is a robust collection of React Native components that promises to save you more than 200 hours in development time per project.

This isn’t surprising based on the more than 250 individual screens that are contained within the UI package.

In addition to some generic screen layouts, such as sign in screens, navigation, and profiles, Antiqueruby also includes clusters of screens based around different types of apps. Most notably are its screen collections for apps dealing with music, e-commerce, travel, food, crypto, and more!

Besides including beautiful UI and UX elements, this package includes the full source code for all of the screens in React Native, and is ready to be used on either Android or iOS devices.

Here’s some of the highlights of the Antiqueruby React kit:

  • support for iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.1
  • can handle RTL text by default
  • includes templates for more than 250 different screens
  • 15 individual screen clusters and specialized app types
  • integration with WordPress and WooCommerce sites

The authors of this kit are also publishing new UI clusters all the time, with screens for news apps and recipe apps on the horizon. If you’re looking to make a mobile app, the Antiqueruby React Native UI kit will give you a massive headstart.

BeoStore: Complete Mobile UI Template

While Antiqueruby focused on a providing a large number of screens and elements, BeoStore aims to provide a cohesive set of designs around a single topic.

This UI template pack is largely built for the eCommerce space, and offers a number of benefits that aren’t common among other React Native UI themes. Category pages, shopping carts, checkout flows, user profiles, and more are all included within this comprehensive collection.

Here are some of the stand out features of BeoStore:

  • pre-built animations and transforms
  • well-documented code, including video tutorials
  • support for the most popular icon fonts, including Font Awesome and MaterialIcons
  • code in modern JavaScript ES6
  • support for styling in SCSS
  • Support for iOS 7.0+ and Android
  • connects to WordPress and WooCommerce

With all of these features, you can use BeoStore to get your app started quickly with a sleek and easy to use UI. For those that are already using WordPress or WooCommerce, the process gets even easier! By using these two frameworks together you can build an native app in its entirety, with only a small amount of coding necessary to pull together the pieces.

DUIS School React Native UI

A niche UI theme, the DUIS School React Native UI kit gives you all of the elements necessary to build a school management mobile app.

The theme looks great and provides a comprehensive set of screens around schools, but if you’re looking to do a significant amount of development, keep in mind that this kit requires Mac for development. However, the end product will work on both iOS and Android.

Though the documentation for this kit is sparse, a clear project structure makes it a suitable enough theme to use for app makers in the school and education space. Screens include general app features, as well as attendance screens, student profiles, and screens for grading.

ReactXS: React Native Material Design Kit

A UI kit for material design, ReactXS provides a variety of elements and screens that can be customized to fit into your project. Like most of the kits on this list, ReactXS gives a leg up when developing your own themes or mobile apps, shaving off weeks of work from your development time.

Here’s some of the stand out features for this UI Kit:

  • both a light and dark theme
  • cluster of screens specifically for onboarding users
  • performance testing and optimization
  • reusable code components

If you’re looking to build a mobile app outside of the more popular niches, this UI kit can give you a solid base to start your design from.

Myyaow Realtor

A niche UI Kit, Myyaow Realtor provides an in-depth series of screens and elements for those looking to build a React Native app in the real estate industry.

Its wide range of screens fit together cohesively, and making it a good choice if your app works with home or apartment listings, real estate agents, or other search-heavy formats.

Some of its standout features are:

  • builds for iOS and Android (though requires a Mac for development)
  • more than 20 screens designed for the real estate niche
  • screens for complex forms and search functions
  • React Native components users and agents

If you want to make an native app in the realty or real estate space, then check out this app template!

How Will You Build Your React Native App?

With all of these mobile app templates and UI kits available, which will you choose to build your own React Native app?

Let us know how the process goes in the comments below, and about how you used a pre-made UI kit or app template in your own projects!